Buy RugBuddy in the UK

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If you’re wanting to buy RugBuddy in the UK there’s a challenge when it comes to search engines.  US amazon ranks highly, as does US facebook, and the South African Coldbuster site comes up time and again.

RugBuddy Under Rug Heater Close-upNot much use if you want to order RugBuddy online today and get delivery of a RugBuddy within a few days, with postage that doesn’t cost the earth.  And what about with the correct voltage rating and IEC certification?

It’s surprising that so many overseas sites come up in searches for RugBuddy given Google is famous for returning relevant results.  There’s nothing relevant about listing a South African store when you live in Stoke d’Abernon!

So how do you find where to buy RugBuddy in the UK?

In fact there is only one source –  We have the exclusive agreement to sell RugBuddy online in the UK.

So if you’re reading this you’re in the right place! 🙂  You can place your order online here and sit back and let us take care of the rest.

Happy shopping!