Imagine not needing to find your slippers before going to the bathroom. Imagine being able to stand at the basin without hopping from one foot to another! Imagine how luxurious bathroom underfloor heating must be.

Bathroom Underfloor HeatingCeramic tiles are beautiful and are a very practical choice for most bathrooms.  But they can be cold to the touch, so you can’t always enjoy your bathroom to the full.

You may have a heated towel rail but when it’s draped with towels it’s not going to heat the room.  And if you do have a heated towel rail, there’s probably no wall space left for a conventional central heating radiator.

Why Bathroom Underfloor Heating?

Using the floor as source of gentle radiant heat makes perfect sense and with our electric under tile heating you have the ideal bathroom underfloor heating solution:

  • low profile* minimising floor height differences
  • rapid warm up for extra efficiency
  • high power for the cosiest bathroom imaginable
  • programmable to be on only when you need it

* no one has a more compact element

You only have to lay the heating under the available floor area – the area you walk on.  You don’t lay the heating under the bath, shower tray, or WC.  So the kit you buy will be economical on materials and economical to run.

Because our heating element is the thinnest on the market you will use less tile adhesive in your installation.  Less tile adhesive and an efficient element close to the tile surface  means the response time to warm the tiles is kept to a minimum.  This is important for bathroom underfloor heating.  Typically it takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes before the tiles are radiating warmth.

Set the timer a few minutes ahead of your alarm clock and you can be sure your bathroom is warming as you get up!

Choose Under Tile Heating Kit

TileWarm™ Bathroom Underfloor Heating kit from Coldbuster™

Under Tile Heating KitAvailable in various sizes from 2m2 to 10m2 available floor space.  In larger rooms 2 kits can be used with one thermostat – ask for details

Kit includes:

  • Element
  • Protective Mesh
  • KlimaGuard Installation Monitor
  • Installation Instructions and User Guide

Purchased separately

  • Thermostat
  • Floor sensor (optional – see guidance)


  • Unique Generation 4 co-axial element for flexibility and lowest profile possible
  • Self regulating for economy and safety
  • 100% earth screen
  • Best insulation materials for long life
  • International Electrical Committee (IEC) compliant
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • 160W/m2
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