Affiliate Invitation

Thanks for responding.

RugBuddy under-rug heaterMy idea is to set up an affiliate scheme where you can earn 10% on referrals to my website that go on to buy a RugBuddy® under rug heater. It’s a great way for you to increase your revenue per customer and is pure profit to you.

How you generate the referrals is up to you:

  • page/ link from your website
  • leaflets in store
  • email marketing to your list
  • social media mentions

.. and so on.

This RugBuddy Under Rug Heater is the perfect cure for cold feetI’ll help write copy and provide images as necessary.

It’s an easy system to work:

  1. I give you a unique code that you pass on to your customer base. There’s a 5% discount for your customers as an incentive for them to take the code, and use it.
  2. When they order on line, my shopping cart system tracks the use of the code.
  3. You earn 10% on the net sales value of the RugBuddy® sold with the code.

And that’s it!

Under Rug Heating KitBecause people will be buying from my site, all the sales contract obligations and aftercare rest with me.

So you earn 10% entirely RISK FREE with no stock holding or fulfilment costs.

I operate a 30-day “no quibble” guarantee on all RugBuddy® purchases. This ensures happy customers and you’ll appreciate I can’t pay out affiliate commissions before the 30-day period has passed, in case of returns. Apart from that, it’s a very simple system.

What do you think?

I’d love to hear back from you.

If you’d like to come on board, that’s great.

If you just want to find out more, that’s fine too. And if you have suggestions how to make the scheme better, now’s the time to tell me.

So please go ahead and contact me right now.

William at BeWarmerMany thanks


P.S. If you’re not the decision maker, please pass on the link to this page.