5 ways to make space at home – an answer to COVID confinement stress

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With everyone at home it makes sense to make best use of all the space available to avoid COVID confinement stress. Whether you're working from home, or just trying to find a quiet corner to enjoy your book, you'll really appreciate being able to claim a space you can call your own.

Here's how you can avoid frustration and squabbles with my 5 ways to avoid COVID confinement stress by making space at home.

a RugBuddy under-rug heater where you work1. Bring unused rooms in from the cold. If a room is cold and unwelcoming, it doesn't get used. Make it cosy with a RugBuddy under-rug heater. Spare bedrooms, dining rooms, box rooms, conservatories, garden rooms, and so on, are often hard to heat. Having a source of radiant warmth under your feet makes all the difference and a RugBuddy only costs a few pennies per hour to run.

2. Clear out the clutter. You've saved time on your commute so let's use the time to clear those piles of paper and cupboards full of clutter. Do you really need it? Remember, "if it doesn't spark joy....." Think of it as doing a home audit. You'll congratulate yourself every time you find yourself relaxing in the clutter-free room.

under-stairs perfection avoiding COVID confinement stressunder-stairs muddle contributing to COVID confinement stress3. Build more storage. I have a theory that DIY stores are going to do very well over the next few months as it becomes harder to ignore the fix/repair 'to-do' list. Not only that, but we'll all be more critical of how space is used. You're likely to find there's dead space that can easily be converted into handy shelving or cupboards. How much better could the under-stairs* area be, for example?

4. Make rooms multi-functional. Combining a workspace in every bedroom, for study or working from home, is an obvious one. Try combining the functions of two rooms into one wherever possible. And use dead space on a landing or hallway to make a small sitting area. Flexible use of space increases the chance of everyone being able to find their own space when they want.

5. Pinch ideas. Go online and see how people get the most out of their studio flats and small apartments. You'll be amazed at the multi-functional furniture and hidden storage ideas you'll come across. Flex your DIY muscles a little and see what you can create.

Embrace the time at home to make improvements, learn a new skill, eat well, and spend time with loved ones. Stay safe, and I hope my 5 ways to make space help you avoid COVID confinement stress.

*Under-stairs cupboards by Full Fix Carpentry