Get warmth from under your feet – safely, silently, economically – with RugBuddy® under rug heating

It's easy to feel warm with a RugBuddy under rug heater. Here's how to banish the chill of cold floors and ankle level draughts:

  1. Measure your rug
  2. Use the size calculator below
  3. Order online or call 0333 121 0160
  4. Receive RugBuddy by DHL (in 2–3 days)
  5. Unpack, lay RugBuddy on floor. Hard floor or carpet is fine and we recommend an anti-slip underlay.
  6. Cover with rug, plug in
  7. Enjoy the warmth from your rug (in 20 mins)

In the RugBuddy box you get:

  1. RugBuddy in the size of your choice
  2. RCD safety cut-out protection
  3. Instructions/ User Guide
  4. Tape to secure RugBuddy to underlay
  5. 30 day No-Quibble Guarantee
  6. 'CE Marked'/ 'IEC Approved' peace of mind

Unless you already have a rug underlay, be sure to order one here. The underlay isn't thick (c. 3 mm) and will stop the RugBuddy slipping across the floor. Also, underlay will add a little insulation, making your RugBuddy even more effective.

Unpacking the RugBuddy

Enter your rug's size and we’ll work out the RugBuddy and underlay size for you.

Best Fit RugBuddy

UK Only: Your best fit RugBuddy (UK plug) is .

EU Only: Your best fit RugBuddy (EU plug) is .

All Surface Underlay – Highly Recommended

UK Only: Your Best Top Fleece II Underlay is:
EU Only: Your Best All Surface Underlay is:

Please note:
- Rug must overlap RugBuddy
- Underlay can be trimmed with scissors to suit rug. UK and EU underlays are different types, sizes, and quality.
- 'UK Only' items will be dispatched from our UK warehouse to UK addresses
- 'EU Only' items will be dispatched from our EU warehouse to EU addresses to avoid additional customs duties
PLEASE do not mix 'UK Only' and 'EU Only' items in a single order

The Easy Plug-In Heater That Discreetly Keeps You Warm and Saves on Bills

  • By putting warmth where you need it - under your feet! - RugBuddy is more effective than other electric heaters. This means RugBuddy will keep you warm while consuming less electricity.
    RugBuddy survey

"Low energy use. 80W but works better than my 500W oil filled radiator" *

  • With RugBuddy under rug heating, your rug becomes a source of radiant heat cutting down on draughts and providing warmth just where you need it.

"Seems to stop drafts from under couch" *

  • There are no complicated controls and no installation set-up is necessary. So positioning, and using, a RugBuddy is simplicity itself.

"It is so uncomplicated that even I can set it up and I’m no technician" *

  • What's more, when the RugBuddy is covered with a rug, your source of heating is discreetly hidden out of sight. Therefore, you can stay warm without the ugly clutter of a portable heater.

"I appreciate the extra warmth without a bulky heater, which I have little room for in a small flat" *

  • You can save money too. Using a RugBuddy often means you can turn down, or even turn off, your central heating.

"It warms at the right level. So I don’t turn up central heating. So partner who doesn’t like room hot (and also has cold feet) is happy too" *

*See RugBuddy Survey results and RugBuddy Reviews.

Energy Saving TrustWhat the Energy Saving Trust says

Energy Saving Trust says you save around £60 per year for every 1degC you turn down your room thermostat. (Scroll down to '7. Take control of your heating')

RugBuddy users are reporting setting their thermostats up to 3degC lower.

As a result, they are saving a very useful £180 each year on their gas central heating bills. And their boilers produce up to 1000 kg (1 tonne!) less carbon dioxide as a result, according to the figures.

This is what it's all about!

The RugBuddy only costs a few pence per hour to run.

For example, a typical 125 x 160cm size is 250 Watts and costs just 4p per hour. That’s 1/8th (12.5%) the cost of running a fan heater!

In the video I explain how easy the RugBuddy electric heater is to use and how you can use it to keep warm while saving on your bills.

Why Floor Heating is Best

If you don’t already have underfloor heating you’ve probably scattered a few rugs around to make the room more cosy.

But if your radiator is a distance away you probably don’t feel any warmer.
...Read More

Worse, radiators produce strong convection currents as they heat the air leading to cold draughts at floor level.

What you need is a source of warmth where you spend your time so you can turn down/ turn off the central heating.

A RugBuddy is ideal to have in front of your favourite chair or sofa, under the kitchen table, or under the desk in your office/ study.

Creating a warm zone in this way is what Americans call ‘Area Heating’ and is very popular in the US.

RugBuddy under rug heating gives you a discreet electric heater hidden from view. This means you are spared the nightmare clutter created by traditional portable heaters.

And it’s approved on all floor surfaces over a concrete subfloor*, including carpet. Please note that underlay is strongly recommended in all situations, and is essential on hard floors such as tiles, wood, laminate, and vinyl. For Karndean and Amtico, please call.

*If you have a ‘floorboard and joist’ floor read this first.

RugBuddy on BBC Radio 2 (Interview)

Often people say “It’s so simple, why didn’t I think of that!”

BBC Radio 2 LogoIn fact, it’s such a new idea in this country, I was invited on BBC Radio 2 to talk about RugBuddy on the weekly ‘Innovations’ feature.

You can listen to the interview by clicking on Simon Mayo!

How RugBuddy® Under Rug Heating Compares To Other Electric Heaters

If you're wondering how RugBuddy stacks up against other types of plug in electric heaters, these charts reveal all.
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Electric Heater Comparison

RugBuddy Running Costs Comparison

For more information like this, why not download a FREE guide to electric portable heaters?

The guide is titled "Compare Electric Heaters . . . And I Will Show You The Best Option and How to Save on Heating Bills"

RugBuddy Under Rug Heating Sizes and Prices

We aim to keep these sizes in stock to suit most rugs.

  • 50 x 100cm, (20 x 39 inches) 80Watts £129 (UK only)
  • 50 x 150cm, (20 x 59 ins) 90Watts £139
  • 50 x 200cm, (20 x 79 ins) 120Watts £149
  • 100 x 150cm, (39 x 59 inches) 180Watts £169
  • 100 x 200cm, (39 x 79 inches) 250Watts £199
  • 125 x 160cm, (49 x 63 inches) 250Watts £199
  • 130 x 220cm, (51 x 87 inches) 350Watts £234
  • 150 x 230cm, (59 x 91 inches) 450Watts £269
  • 177 x 251cm, (70 x 99 inches) 600Watts £319

...Read More

You want your rug to overlap the RugBuddy by at least 2.5 - 5cm on each edge. This is to make sure some of the rug is directly in contact with the underlay, and that none of the Rugbuddy is exposed.

Make sure the underlay is the same size, or larger than your rug. The underlay is easy to trim with scissors to match your rug.

Idea!: For larger rugs, why not place two RugBuddies side-by-side?

Guarantees and Delivery

You can try a RugBuddy risk free with the RugBuddy® 30 Day No-Quibble Guarantee.

If you want to return the RugBuddy, just let me know within 30 days.
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Send the RugBuddy back and I'll give you a full refund - no questions asked.

RugBuddy comes with a full 2 year manufacturer's guarantee against defects.

Delivery is by courier within 2 - 3 days (UK) and 3 - 5 days (mainland Europe). If possible please add details of a safe place to leave your package in case you are out when the driver calls.

Getting Ready for Your RugBuddy Under Rug Heater

RugBuddy under rug heating under kitchen dining tableRugBuddy is simple to use with no installation costs.

It’s an electric heater you just plug in to enjoy the warmth.
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RugBuddy comes with a standard 3-pin UK moulded plug on 2.5m long power cord. (For a 2-pin Euro plug RugBuddy please go here.)

IMPORTANT  - Electrical Safety

  1. RugBuddy comes with RCD protection built in as standard, in case of accidental damage to the RugBuddy. Please test this at regular intervals to ensure it is working properly


Underlay is strongly recommended in all situations and essential on hard floors such as tiles, wood, laminate, and vinyl. Read the reasons why here.

On carpet and other insulated floors, including most wood/ laminate/ tiled floors, all you need is standard anti-creep or anti-slip underlay.

You may already have rug underlay. If not, add it to your order today or choose the special RugBuddy Bundle.

Occasionally, on really cold, un-insulated, floors, customers say they get best results by using an insulating underlay. We don't yet supply this type of underlay as it's not available in rug shaped pieces. Have a look at RugBuddy FAQs for more on buying insulating underlay.


RugBuddy is approved for use on any floor finish over a concrete sub-floor. If you have a ‘floorboard and joist’ floor, or are unsure of the type of sub-floor,  read this first.

The Global RugBuddy

RugBuddy under rug heating under home office deskRugBuddy® under rug electric heating is the result of over 30 years development of superior floor heating solutions by Klimax Manufacturing.

Klimax are also the makers of TileWarm™ and WoodBWarmer™ electric underfloor heating.
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Already very popular in the US, South Africa, and Australia, RugBuddy has now been developed for the UK and European markets. As a result, RugBuddy meets all relevant safety standards and its popularity grows every year. To see what I mean, please read UK RugBuddy Reviews here.

EU flagRugBuddy under rug heating is exclusively sold online in the UK and major territories in Europe by BeWarmer Ltd.

If you need a 2-pin adaptor, be sure to order it here.

Robust, and economical in use, your RugBuddy will give many years of comfort and pleasure. It’s the ideal ‘retrofit’ source of secondary heating for most rooms.

RugBuddy will:

  1. Extend the season you can use your conservatory
  2. Give additional warmth to the sitting area in your living room
  3. Make a poorly heated extension cosy and inviting
  4. Keep you warm in your home office when the central heating is off
  5. Give you the most welcoming hallway in the street!

"Had to Prise the Cat Off With a Crowbar"

That's one of the best customer comments we've had and is an example how all creatures appreciate warmth and comfort.

Living with a RugBuddy is easy. When you first get it all you need do is
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  1. Lift up your rug
  2. Unroll the RugBuddy on the floor on top of underlay (order separately)
  3. Lay the rug back down over it
  4. And plug in the RugBuddy

RugBuddy Under Rug Heating with Grey UnderlayFor best performance you must use an underlay or rug pad. You put the RugBuddy on top of the underlay so it’s always directly under the rug.

Within minutes you’ll feel gentle radiant heat from the surface of your rug, supplementing your primary source of heating.

As a result, your rug is turned into the focal point of warmth in your room. Just the thing when there’s a chill in the air!

Radiant heat is the most comfortable way to heat your home as anyone with underfloor heating will tell you.

It’s economical too. This is because you don’t have to have high air temperatures to feel comfortably warm with radiant heat.  If you think of the warmth you feel moving from shade into strong sunlight on a crisp winter’s day, you’ll know what I mean!

For example, when you use a RugBuddy electric heater for local area heating, you may find you can comfortably turn down your central heating thermostat by up to 3 degrees. This means you will save on heating bills while also cutting down on draughts caused by hot radiators.

The RugBuddy only costs a few pence per hour to run.  For example, a typical 125 x 160cm size is 250 Watts and costs just 4p per hour. That’s 1/8th (12.5%) the cost of a running a fan heater!

RugBuddy electric heater:

  1. Easy to use – simply plug in!
  2. Running costs typically 1/8th (12.5%) cost of fan heater*
  3. Warms within 15 minutes
  4. Safe, silent and healthy
  5. Maintenance free
  6. Complete with 2.5m power cord and 3 pin moulded plug. For a 2-pin Euro plug, please go here.
  7. Complete with RCD protection built in
  8. Can be used with a plug in timer
  9. Safe on all floor finishes over a concrete subfloor (or similar). Please note that underlay is strongly recommended in all situations and essential on hard floors such as tiles, wood, laminate, and vinyl.
  10. Robust and suitable for placing under tables, desks, office chairs etc.

*Comparing 125 x 160cm RugBuddy with a 2kW fan heater

The Science Bit

RugBuddy under rug heating incorporates advanced electric underfloor heating technology. This means it’s so much more than an ‘electric blanket under your rug’ :
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  1. Self regulating, multi stranded element with a full earth screen
  2. Insulated with 2 layers of Fluoropolymer coating, fully waterproof and corrosion resistant
  3. The heater element is very thin. You will not feel RugBuddy™ under the rug, only the warmth
  4. The heating core has self regulating properties, which means that it generates progressively less heat with increasing temperature. This is an important safety feature.

You can try a RugBuddy risk free with the RugBuddy 30 Day No-Quibble Explicit Guarantee. Your payment is secure with Barclays Secure Transactions. Delivery is is within 48 hours to most UK destinations.